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Daninne Sargent is an avid fan of animation, dogs, and apparently, the beach (see image on left).

Daninne (Dan) Sargent is a Philadelphia-based Animation and Game Arts student at Moore College of Art & Design, preparing to graduate with a B.F.A. in 2021. They have spent all 20 years of their life as an avid fan of almost anything animated, and typically prefers animated films and shows to their live-action counterparts. Because of this (and also because of an animation class in high school that sparked a passion in animation), Dan has known that animation was, without a doubt, what they wanted to do.

Going to art school has made Dan realize their love of Character Design, 2D Animation, and Sequential Art. They are now working hard to hopefully gain a position in an animation studio, with a strong determination to see (and hopefully live in) L.A. someday.

As mentioned above, Dan is also a huge fan of dogs (despite the fact that they have never technically owned one in their life). Dan’s favorite breed is the Goldendoodle.